Dexter (2006 - 2013)


Dexter (2006 - 2013)

They make it look so easy, connecting with another human being. It’s like no one told them it’s the hardest thing in the whole world.
Dexter Morgan (via tinycitiesmadeofashess)


oh this character seems awesome! I love this chara- oh they’re dead.

Deb: “You have always blown at that.”

Dexter: “If you’re so good, show me.”

Deb: “It’s this finger, dumbass.”

Dexter: “Like this?”

Deb: “…Yeah.”

Dexter: “Your hand’s shaking, what is it?

Deb: “This. One minute everything’s perfect. And the next minute…”

Dexter: “The next minute what?”

Deb: “You’re rushing off.”

Dexter: “Deb. I’m always with you. Right here….”


another meme i won’t finish

2/10  male characters dexter morgan

"Dexter. Season 5, episode 03 - Practically Perfect"

fangirl challenge: [4/5] openings - Dexter


Does the Doctor use the name John Smith because it’s a popular name or is John Smith a popular name because the Doctor uses it?

Why has your face all coloured in?


love is when you subconciously match each other